Prevailing Party Attorneys’ Fees Through Indemnity Provisions.

Usually, before filing a lawsuit in a business dispute, a client wants to know whether she can receive her attorneys' fees as a prevailing party in litigation. For the most part, it is an easy question--check the contract for a prevailing party attorney fee provision. However, sometimes contracts lack such provisions, but that does not [...]

The Great Divide: California Appellate Courts Split Over Trust Modification Methods

The First District Court of Appeal recently joined the fray amongst California appellate courts over trust modification procedures. The question causing the split: What is the procedure for modification of a revocable trust under Probate Code section 15402? Probate Code section 15402 is one seemingly simple sentence: “Unless the trust instrument provides otherwise, if a trust is [...]

What is Mediation and Why You Should Care: Pros and Cons

What Mediation? What Could Happen If You Mediate? Mediation is a private, confidential process where a neutral third person (a “mediator”) helps the parties try to resolve the dispute. The neutrals are retired judges, so they are familiar with the law and likely outcome should the case proceed. The parties have the opportunity to describe [...]

7 Rights To Know Before You Protest

You have a First Amendment right to protest. However, the government is allowed to place certain narrow restrictions on the exercise of your rights. Make sure you’re prepared by brushing up on your rights before heading out into the streets to protest. 1. You Have The Right To Peacefully Protest In Public Forums The First Amendment guarantees [...]

Waiving Or Losing A Fraud Claim

Typically, a fraud claim is easy to understand. One partner lied, and the other relied on the lie to her detriment. Yet, sometimes, the parties still have a business relationship after learning of the fraud. Losing or waiving your fraud claim can occur without your realizing it. For example, signing an amendment to the contract [...]

Dealing With “I Don’t Recall” In Written Discovery

Attorneys fret when receiving an "I don't recall" answer in deposition and try to ensure the witness cannot wiggle out of the response at trial. But what if you receive an "I don't recall" in a written discovery response? Knowing the California Civil Discovery Act will help you prevent the other side from revealing new [...]

When Mrs. Doubtfire Won’t Leave

A California family is struggling to evict their now-fired live-in nanny—and tenancy laws are on her side. How to protect against a nightmare scenario in your own home. The houseguest from hell has been immortalized numerous times on film and television. But one California couple’s saga is so bizarre that Hollywood and even Lifetime television [...]

Dogged Pursuit

A handicapped woman’s lawsuit may teach restaurant managers of a Denny’s in Campbell some expensive new tricks. Sitting with her two children at the Denny’s on Bascom Avenue in Campbell, Teresa Oliver knew something was up. Other customers were getting their lunches, but nobody came to her table. “We just never got served,” Oliver says. [...]

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