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We are proud of our reputation for delivering the best outcomes possible for Silicon Valley’s executives. But it’s the way we get there that is truly unique. We are more than your legal team… we are your advocate. That means making the process as painless as possible. It means guiding you through the key issues, the important knowns and unknowns. And most of all, it means taking the time to understand what is truly important to you, and fighting for that cause like it is our own.

Because for our clients, we believe that only the best will do. 

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From simple disputes to the most complex and challenging matters… here, you only get the best.

A Disruptive Model

Delivering the best outcomes requires two ingredients: a talented team and an innovative approach. Most law firms operate with a top-down model; the firm’s junior employees do almost all of the grunt work, and report their findings to the lead attorney for your case. With this model, lead attorneys are largely constrained by the information and ability of the people below them. We believe this is an outdated model. It is inefficient, costly, and risky.

Complex legal issues are much better served by a network approach. Here, your case will proceed with an interdisciplinary approach to its complex issues. Attorneys with their own perspective and specializations will work together to make the most effective strategic and tactical decisions. This manages risk, significantly improves strategy, and delivers better outcomes.

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