Attorney Claire Melehani was recently quoted on LegalScoops approached her for insights on strategies for maintaining client trust during protracted legal battles.

Claire’s advice is simple yet crucial: “Open and frequent communication!”

Claire says that maintaining trust with clients doesn’t mean bombarding them with daily updates. It means consistently keeping them informed about developments in their case, promptly addressing their questions and concerns, and being transparent about any potential challenges or setbacks along the way.

A client is more likely to trust a lawyer who is transparent and communicative, rather than one who leaves them in the dark or sugarcoats the reality of their situation. Clear, honest communication helps manage expectations, build trust, and fosters a strong attorney-client relationship, even in the midst of complex, drawn-out legal battles.

Claire was thankful for the chance to share this advice and help other lawyers maintain client trust during lengthy legal battles. Feel free to read the full article for more insights: